BusinessCoach, Inc.’s variety of self-help programs and training seminars can be viewed online at

BusinessCoach, Inc.’s variety of self-help programs and training seminars can be viewed online at

Compared to traditional business set-ups, online businesses provide a more convenient and practical approach to earning profits. As success doesn’t come easy in today’s increasingly competitive online market, web-based business owners like Ruben Anlacan, Jr. and Elaine Vizmanos have turned to to help them edge out the competition., the country’s leading e-commerce website, has been a reliable Filipino resource for a variety of products and services and one of the best online platforms for sellers.

Signing up with Sulit
Ruben Anlacan, Jr, President of BusinessCoach, Inc., an internet workshop resource center, said that’s rank as the number one Philippine online listings site made him decide to sign up as a member. “More people visit the site than any other domestic website,” he said. “Since it has the most number of visitors you have the highest chance of hitting your target market.”

According to Elaine Vizmanos, owner of Tees and Prints Enterprise, a printing services company, has the highest search results on major search engines, giving online businesses the highest amount of exposure online. “We have decided to be a premium member of for its higher sales conversion compared to other websites as well.” She also disclosed that 93% of their customers heard of their business from search results in Google and only 7% from referrals.

Hanap, Usap, Deal
Following a three-step process, aims to make transactions easier and more efficient for both buyers and sellers. “Hanap is like using search engines that provide more relevant results since it’s focused on looking for the items you want to buy. The second step, Usap, has been made very easy with the site’s online messaging system that allows buyers to interact directly with sellers. The third and final step, Deal, makes online transactions less risky with feedback mechanisms and symbols showing how reliable a seller is,” explained Anlacan.

Customers can check out TeesandPrints’ reliable and affordable printing services at

Big business impact
Both Anlacan and Vizmanos agreed that helped boost their sales. Though they also utilize other online listing sites, they can always count on to give them the most number of buyers, thus yielding the best results. Vizmanos even revealed that sales at Tees and Print Enterprise increased to almost 400 percent in 2011 alone, allowing them to open three more showrooms nationwide and support a staff of 26. Meanwhile, Anlacan shared how happy and satisfied he is about the volume of buyers he gets from the site. “We once had a customer who came all the way from Mindanao because he saw our seminar advertised in Sulit!,” he exclaimed. Boost your business sales by visiting and start selling the Sulit way today.


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