Deliciously refreshing, SIP’s chilled tea drinks satisfy every tea-lover’s craving.

Deliciously refreshing, SIP’s chilled tea drinks satisfy every tea-lover’s craving.

When it comes to enjoying the authentic milk tea experience, no other place has enticed the palates of Pinoy tea-lovers than SIP, one of the country’s top milk tea bars that offers a delectable selection of chilled tea drinks. Using high-quality tea leaves and natural ingredients, SIP is the only milk tea bar that steeps their tea to create drinks that boast of traditional flavors and aroma.

SIP features the ever-popular milk tea, which is available in eight yummy flavors: plain, green, caramel, chocolate, mango, strawberry, hazelnut and honey. Health-conscious customers also have the option of having fresh or vegan-friendly soy milk in their milk tea drinks.

Aside from milk teas, SIP also offers flavored teas for those who like to keep things simple. Their selection includes fruity variants such as passion fruit, blueberry and mango, standard black and green tea, and yakult-infused blends. Those craving for milk tea with a twist can delight in SIP’s unique remix drinks such as the sweet and creamy Handmade Taro, the minty coffee-infused Himalayan, the zesty Roasted Lemon Bush, and the Citreat, a lemon-orange-grapefruit mixture.

Chappuccinos, for those who want their drinks with an extra lush layer of cream, are offered in a colorful range of green, black, mango, strawberry and chocolate flavors. The chilled tea experience is made even better with SIP’s wide assortment of toppings¾from caramel jelly to lychee nata and even passion fruit sago. SIP also boasts of chocolatier-crafted flavoring like homemade chocolate and caramel syrup, giving customers the taste of all-natural goodness. Tea-lovers can also customize the sweetness levels for all drinks to suit their taste, as SIP lets them go sugar-free, 100% or somewhere in between.

To complement these blended beverages, customers may opt for SIP’s “things to nibble” such as the perfectly seasoned chicken chop, light and fresh veggie spring roll and the honeycomb waffle, a crisp and fluffy treat.

Get your unique tea fix with SIP’s genuine steeped tea drinks! SIP is located in six branches: Robinsons Galleria, Pearl Plaza, Malate (Dr. Quintos St.), SM Sucat, SM Manila and E.Rodriguez St.


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