Cebu Pacific lets thrill-seeking friends and families discover Hong Kong's top attractions like the well-loved HK Disneyland.

Cebu Pacific lets thrill-seeking friends and families discover Hong Kong’s top attractions like the well-loved HK Disneyland.

Southeast Asia teems with sights that excite the senses, be it close to nature or at the heart of the urban jungle. The best of the latter can be found in two of the most popular tourist hotspots in Asia — Hong Kong and Macau.

Hong Kong and Macau offer a wide range of exciting urban thrills and activities for visiting travelers, from extreme sports to gravity-defying attractions. Fortunately, Cebu Pacific offers the best deals and most flight options for every Juan looking for adventure in Asia’s best concrete playgrounds.

Skim and climb in Hong Kong
With its upcoming Hong Kong Summer Spectacular 2012 event ( and world-famous theme parks in its backyard, Hong Kong is not just a shopping mecca but a treasure trove of adrenaline-pumping attractions to delight the most intrepid traveler. Those who want an introduction to its many thrills can start with Hong Kong Disneyland’s Space Mountain rollercoaster, fireworks displays, and a host of Disney-themed fantasy attractions. Visitors can also go full-throttle with shopping sprees in Hong Kong’s numerous malls, or revel in its world-famous Dragon Boat Festival.

Adventurous travelers can embark on the experience of a lifetime by going on the world's highest bungee jump at the AJ Hackett Macau Tower.

Adventurous travelers can embark on the experience of a lifetime by going on the world’s highest bungee jump at the AJ Hackett Macau Tower.

For the adventure of a lifetime, tourists can try out parkour, a modern variation of “free-running” that has taken the region by storm. Popularized by the 2006 James Bond movie Casino Royale that featured a high-stakes chase through Madagascar, parkour has seen a growing number of enthusiasts who blaze through concrete obstacles with body rolls, vaults and climbs. With Hong Kong’s vast and vibrant cityscape, those who wish to try out the high-octane sports of parkour will have a great time free-roaming its busy streets. Newbies and experts alike can also meet up and learn through the Hong Kong Parkour Association (, the only official parkour group in the region that provides training courses and workshops.

Daredevils looking forward to explore other exhilarating sports can find the perfect venues for wakeboarding and rock climbing at the heart of Hong Kong. Facing the South China Sea, water sports fans can make a splash at a number of venues that are perfect for wakeboarding- the more popular destinations being Sai Kung, Repulse Bay, Stanley and Tai Po. With generally calm waters in their bay areas, wakeboarders will surely find Hong Kong’s beautiful shores a fun-filled treat.

Those who want adrenaline-filled rock and wall scaling can find their most sought-for challenges in various locations throughout Hong Kong. The most popular sites are Shek O Sea Cliff, Tsuen Wan, Kowloon Peak, Lion Rock, and the Technical Wall of Tung Lung Chau that all are within the city’s reach, offering visitors a breathtaking view of the city after a climb.

For even more exciting activities, visitors can head to Hong Kong from June to September. During this season, Hong Kong offers special thrills and celebrations including citywide shopping promos, the Lan Kwai Fong Beer and Music Fest (July 14-15) that features the region’s best bands, to the Food Expo 2012 (August 16-20) that lets guests sample the best of Hong Kong’s cuisine.

Fun soars high in Macau
Macau is a bustling metropolis known for its grand casinos and the historic A-Ma temple. Asia’s entertainment capital, Macau is a prosperous port city that boasts of exciting activities for the urban adventurer.

Thrill-seekers can head straight to the Macau Tower to experience one of the world’s most enthralling high-rise extreme adventures. At a height of 1,109 ft., it lets tourists enjoy an awesome bird’s eye view of the city. Those who want to take their love of heights further can sign up for the Skywalk X, which lets one walk around the outer rim of the tower with just an overhead rail system for safety, and the Skyjump, where daredevils can glide 764 feet down.

Thrill-seekers can also try out the Tower Sport Climbing challenge that offers a 32-meter journey up the concrete shaft of the tower. The Macau Tower Long Flying Fox is a sure treat for the young and young-at-heart, as vacationers zoom through a 70-meter zip line that shoots out of the tower and into a large net. Lastly, there is the Long Ironwalk, a nerve-racking vertical climb of up to 18 meters up the tower.

Among the top attractions that let visitors defy gravity is the jaw-dropping Macau Tower Bungee Jump. The world’s highest bungee experience at 764 ft, it lets visitors shoot earthward at 200 km/h on a free-fall course with a view of the bay on one side and the Macau skyline on the other.

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