DiabetaMil’s regular patrons are in for a treat. Every purchase of a 500-gram DiabetaMil Nutritious Drink entitles you to an exclusive, limited edition multi-functional mug and spoon set. You can choose from five (5) different vibrant colors – blue, pink, green, yellow and red, which come with a matching spoon.

Diabetics can delight in DiabetaMil Nutritious Drink, which has two tasty variants, vanilla and chocolate flavors. Packed with nutrition, it contains fiber-rich cereal and oat flakes, making it a great meal substitute for breakfast and dinner.

DiabetaMil has numerous health benefits for diabetics. It is highly effective in regulating blood glucose level, as it contains 200mcg of chromium polynicotinate. The oat fiber in DiabetaMil helps keep one’s LDL cholesterol and triglyceride level at a minimum, protecting diabetics from the clogging of arteries, or atherosclerosis, that can result to heart attack or stroke. The product is also low in calories, and is sugar-free. It is flavored with Tropicana Slim Sweetener, a healthy sugar-free sweetener with a lowglycemic index (GI) that helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

Aside fromDiabetaMil Nutritious Drink, try out DiabetaMil Cookies for your morning and afternoon cravings. This guilt-free treat has two delectable variants, Nutty Chocolate and Vanilla Dried Fruit.

DiabetaMil products are formulated with diabetics’ needs in mind, but they are also ideal for non-diabetics who’d like to lead a healthier lifestyle.

DiabetaMil is distributed by Ecofoods Corp. and is available in major drugstores and supermarkets. Check out DiabetaMil’sFanpage on Facebook (www.facebook/DiabetaMilPhilippines).


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