Fame Factory with PLDT Telpad release

Fame Factory talents tapped as PLDT Telpad Ambassadors: The showbiz industry is ready to discover something wonderful with the latest talents from Fame Factory, an up-and-coming artist management studio from Admate, the top-ranked commercial modeling agency that first discovered the likes of Dingdong Dantes, Sam Pinto, and many others. Following in these famous footsteps as PLDT Telpad’s Brand Ambassadors are (from L-R) Rollo Espinos, supported by PLDT Telpad Brand Manager Mayan Evangelista, Kate Alejandro, Anika Gonzalez, Jake Señeres, with a lucky raffle draw winner of a PLDT Telpad and Abel Estanislao.

Tablets are the must-have gadgets for the tech-savvy teens of today. They have a constant – and more importantly, immediate – need to surf the web, post status updates, upload the latest videos or pictures, and connect with a multitude of friends through real-time social media. Indeed, if “lifecasting” is the story of the digital age, then teenagers are its most prolific authors, and tablets are their chosen instrument.

Because of this growing trend, PLDT Telpad has strategically linked its innovative tablet landline service with the rising stars of Fame Factory, a company that aims to go “beyond artist management”. The PLDT Telpad is the world’s first tablet landline with unlimited local calls, unlimited internet, and exclusive PLDT content, such as the highly popular “TelMeHow” Application. “TelMeHow allows users to discover something wonderful at home, thanks to its highly informative yet easy-to-follow content,” remarked Patrick Tang, PLDT’s Vice President for Home Voice. “This content is meticulously designed in order to appeal to a vast array of interests, which is highly useful for today’s tech-savvy teen,” he further explained.

In terms of embodying the youthful spirit and wholesome pursuits of the tech-savvy teen, the Fame Factory talents truly make an ideal match. “In fact, it is likely that they will be used as models for new content for TelMeHow. Their unique abilities, communication skills, and natural enthusiasm opens up many opportunities,” Tang pointed out. “Abel Estanislao is a guitar protégé, while Kate Alejandro is a theater scholar with a strong background in the performing arts. Jake Señeres can talk about health and fitness, while Anika Gonzalez is a trained dancer. Finally, Rollo Espinos is a qualified culinary arts practitioner, so they can all TelmeHow to do something engaging and worthwhile.”

Powered by the Android™ platform, the PLDT TelPad doubles as a multimedia device to house all your information, communication, and entertainment needs, thus revolutionizing the telecommunications experience. Units are offered to Telpad Plan subscribers at a discounted rate of P5,500 (with installment options), down from the original P13,900.

“Abel, Kate, Jake, Anika, and Rollo can’t stop talking about the PLDT Telpad to their friends, and showing off its remarkable features. It’s become an integral part of their lifestyle,” revealed Fame Factory President Mayet German-Tiaoqui. “These young stars truly define an active digital lifestyle, and we are very happy that PLDT Telpad recognized the alignment between the talents and their product,” she concluded.


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