The City of Incheon serves as the gateway to the many sights, sounds and flavors that South Korea has to offer. Incheon, where low-fare great value airline Cebu Pacific flies to from Manila and Cebu, connects the world to the cultural and commercial capital megacity of Seoul. Here are some budget-friendly travel tips for the Wandering Juan, to easily explore Seoul’s prominent tourist and natural attractions, and experience its vibrant street culture. Make the most out of the trip without digging deep, for the perfect pocket-friendly South Korean adventure.

Wandering Won – Incheon’s best bargains. Every Wandering Juan knows the importance of spending pocket money wisely; in this case, the Korean Won, which is valued at about PhP 37.80 for every KRW 1,000.00, vacationing in Seoul need not be pricey, and fortunately, the city offers many affordable options for shopping, dining, and accommodations.

First stop on any bargain-hunter’s shopping trip is the vibrant underground shopping center in Bupyeong station, a key stop on the Incheong and Seoul subway lines. The mall has a wide variety of options for the casual tourist or hardcore shopaholic, with establishments offering Korean handicrafts (perfect for souvenirs!), cheap yet chic fashion, trendy shoes and accessories, and makeup worthy of a K-Pop icon.

Restaurants and bars are also conveniently located one floor above the station where shoppers can take a break from bargaining and recharge for the next round of shopping. The Seafood Stew Street, BBQ Chicken, and Cafe Benne to name a few, offer delectable and reasonably priced food deals that will delight the appetite of ever-thrifty travelers.

Choosing a hotel that provides all the comforts of home without breaking the bank is important when planning a vacation. Budget hotels such as Hotel June, situated about 8 minutes from the airport, or Hotel Queen, a beachfront hotel, offer rooms for as low as PHP 2,500. Look out for the best hotel deals and promos in Tourists who prefer to stay in select four and five-star accommodations get something extra too, with South Korea’s One More Night promotion where foreign travelers are rewarded for stays of more than 3 nights with an extra free night’s stay. Visit for more details.

Great-value trips to fab sights. Going around the city to visit Seoul’s many attractions has become a lot easier in the last couple of years, thanks to its ever expanding subway network. Travelers can save a lot on public transportation by using the subway commuter card that packs 44 trips at a much discounted price – perfect for those planning to stay in Seoul for a longer time. Wandering Juans can also take the bus with tickets starting at 10,000 won (approximately PHP 380). The tickets are valid for any number of trips in one day, a much cheaper alternative to taking guided tours around the city. Because it’s Visit Korea Year, a free shuttle service is also available all year-round everyday except Mondays, now with a 40-seater bus for the Seoul-Jeonju route.

Whether you’re a street fashion savant, history buff, or an every-thrifty wanderer, Cebu Pacific’s accessible and affordable flights can help every Juan realize the ultimate budget-friendly Korean itinerary. The country’s largest low-cost carrier offers direct flights from Manila twice daily, and once a day from Cebu, with year-round low fares starting at PHP 3,999. With Cebu Pacific, the excitement begins even before you reach your destination, with their trademark Fun Flight cabin games and engaging inflight magazine, Smile.

Enjoy all this and more when you fly with Cebu Pacific. Visit the website at for more information regarding flights, booking and tour packages.


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