John Lloyd Cruz and Magic's all-star lineup of snacks bring magic to everyday lifeWith the demands of every day becoming more difficult, and with technology keeping people connected all the time, it’s getting harder to keep up with today’s fast paced lifestyle. Good thing there’s Jack ‘n Jill Magic to the rescue. More than just your ordinary plain cracker, Magic provides surprising snacking possibilities for any age. With a variety of flavors to suit one’s craving, Magic is the perfect snack for the evolving tastes of different generations.

Whether meeting a deadline or juggling work, one can always recharge with Magic Flakes. A salty quick fix that’s sure to stave off anyone’s hunger pangs, Magic Flakes is the go-to snack for people who have active working habits. Meanwhile, pocket-sized cravings can easily be satisfied with Magic Flakes in Junior Size, a 16-gram pack priced at a wallet-friendly P3 in sari-sari stores. For those who want more variety in their snacking options, Magic Flakes is also available in cheese, chocolate and onion chives flavors. Meanwhile, those with a sweet tooth will surely enjoy Magic Creams, crackers with thick butter, chocolate or peanut butter cream fillings. For those looking for double bursts of mouth-watering flavors, one can never go wrong with Combo Choco Choco, chocolate crackers with chocolate filling, or the Combo Choco Peanut, chocolate crackers with peanut butter filling. Junior-sized Magic Creams are also available in chocolate, and butter berry flavors.

Indulge in Magic Roundwich, crackers filled with thick chocolate, milk, and cheese cream fillings that are just oozing with yummy goodness. And enjoy three times more chocolate with Magic Coated, cream-filled chocolate crackers glazed with chocolate coating. For those watching their weight, Jack ‘n Jill has Magic Chips. Perfect for those who are conscious of their figures but can’t seem to let go of their fondness for eating chips, the crispy and crunchy treats are baked, not fried. Bursting with cheese or barbecue flavor, it will keep one coming back for more.

Offering a world of flavors, Jack ‘n Jill Magic surely gives surprising snacking possibilities that make snack time a true treat for the busybodies of today.


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