(Chicago, Illinois, USA)  Humanitarian Todd Pierson, who is the leading videographer showcased on Global B2B Communications’ Creative Videographers’ Eyes blog that highlights positive examples of best-practice corporate video production, has created a short documentary film on behalf of his church of 12 years, LifeSpring Community Church), to help their Christmas appeal for support for “Haiti for Life”, www.newlifeforhaiti.org.

New Life for Haiti Documentary from Todd Pierson on Vimeo.

The “New Life for Haiti” humanitarian mission began six years before the historic earthquake, to help an economically devastated remote village in Haiti’s western region. The project has not only built three schools but also has begun a child sponsorship program to help children go to school that cannot afford to do so.

Pierson explains, “To visit Marfranc in Western Haiti is to know how lucky we are. So many of us take the simplest things like clean water for granted.  When I think of what my two girls’ lives would be like if they grew up in Marfranc in Western Haiti, my heart goes out to all the children in that area.  I created this short documentary, in hopes that my God-given talents to help tell a story in short video style would draw attention to the needs of the many Haitians who were battling to provide for their families long before the earthquake. My Christmas appeal is to ask everyone to watch this video at http://vimeo.com/29188281  and then make a donation at http://newlifeforhaiti.org or call 815-436-7633 to find out ways they can volunteer as I did to donate their time, talents and resources.

About Todd Pierson

A self-described visual communicator, Todd Pierson’s keen interest in photography and evolution to corporate video production began when he was only 11 years old, using his first camera to capture his pre-teen world.  Today, his client list ranges from local businesses to national advertising campaigns. Mr. Pierson is not only the lead videographer on Global B2B Communications’ showcase of best-practice corporate videos (Creative Videographers’ Eyes), but is sought out as one of the few video specialists and photographers represented by leading artists’ representatives in the United States.

About ‘Creative Videographers’ Eyes and Global B2B Communications

“Creative Videographers’ Eyes” and other high return-on-investment resources for both online and off-line marketing are promoted worldwide through a combination of news releases to both web and print outlets, hundreds of articles and columns written yearly by Global B2B Communications contributors on global marketing topics, pay per click advertising, and via global social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Orkut, Viadeo and more.

Global B2B Communications is both an online information source on up-to-date information on how world search engines work, web competitive analysis,  and a compendium of internet marketing tools and services in sync with today’s search algorithms, now also offering  a roster of web marketing courses available worldwide. Amy Munice, President of ALM Communications (now also doing business as Global B2B Communications can be reached at info (at) globalb2bcommunications.com or +872-222-7361 or +773-862-6800, Linked In- “Amy Munice”, or Twitter@WorldB2B.


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