If you want to leave a lasting impression with your holiday gifts, give statement pieces that would be cherished beyond the yuletide season. For great finds, there are choices aplenty at LRI DESIGN PLAZA, the urban design hub. LRI Design Plaza houses a range of shops offering an array of items from world-class furniture and furnishings to valuable artworks, and antique pieces. Its latest addition to the roster of premium shops, where you can find unique gift ideas, are EclecticLiving, a showroom of classic furniture and furnishings with a twist; Sifra, a vintage home interiors store; Abundance, which offers modern home interiors; and Domicillo, a store that specializes in local crafts.

Christmas home decors
Beautiful holiday home decors are always welcome gifts. Choose from among Eclectic Living’s latest collection of Christmas wreaths, carpets and throw pillows in vibrant colors. “Our products are both uniquely designed and produced,” explains Joby Belmonte, one of the owners of Eclectic Living. “We have a lot of custom-made furniture, soft furnishings, lamps and artworks that are rare finds.”

But if your loved one goes more for vintage and the exotic, visit Sifra, which offers a range of unique items imported from India, Vietnam, and Thailand. Designer and owner Conrad Adamos recommends the shop’s bestselling items as gifts, “Ideal gifts for men include our A-Z stainless bookends, vintage mini cars, wine holders, and ash trays. And for women, we have imported ceramic figurines, accessory hangers, photo frames, floral chest boxes and an assortment of wall hang prints, which are both feminine and have an antique appeal.”

And if you’re looking for presents with more distinctive, contemporary Asian look, go for Abundance’s vases, lamps, and trays, as well as limited-edition accessories in geometric designs and neutral colors. According to Leo Almeria, who co-owns and operates the shop with fellow interior designers, “We all love choosing home accessories and furnishings that are modern and trendy, yet have a classic appeal. Our products are functional and very versatile.”

One-of-a-kind Pinoy crafts
In Domicillo, you can find a selection of premium locally-produced crafts. Gifts to consider are the shop’s award-winning mirrors adorned with mother of pearl, elegant jewelry boxes, accessories, and other displays etched from stones or pearls. “Gifts from Domicillo are always appreciated by those who love the finer things in life – luxurious items that you will not just find anywhere else,” says owner Rene Alcala. “If you own a piece of our crafts, you can be sure you are the only one in possession of that design.”

For this year’s Christmas shopping spree, visit LRI Design Plaza at 210 Nicanor Garcia Street, Bel-Air II, Makati City. For more details, please call 895-1772; 895-5470 or (0922) 857-2559.


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