Can’t get enough of chicken and prefer to enjoy it in several delicious ways a week? Here’s a treat that’s sure to whet your appetite. Jollibee, makers of Chickenjoyand other langhap-sarap chicken delights, gives you great savings on your chicken favorites with the latest Affordelicious promo.From now until October 28, Jollibee is offering its best-selling and favorite chicken treats like Chickenjoy, Chicken Barbecue, Crunchy Chicken Burger and Chicken Nugget Crunchers at more affordable prices from Mondays to Fridays.Get the all-time favorite crispylicious and juicylicious Chickenjoy or the delicious inside and out Jollibee Chicken Barbecue at P69 only for the 1-pc solo meal and P115 for the 2-pc solo meal, or the 1-pc or 2-pc value meals complete with softdrink for only P85 and P131, respectively.Want your chicken sandwich fix on the go? You can opt for the Crunchy Chicken Burger Value Meals for P45 with softdrink, or with a regular drink and Jolly Crispy fries at only P65. Made with 100% juicy, pure chicken fillet that’s seasoned with special spices and cooked to a perfect crisp, people on the go will surely experience a whole new crunch!And for a delicious, nutritious and fun treat, there’s the Jollibee Chicken Nugget Crunchers that’s made of seasoned tender chicken with carrot bits in golden yellow crunchy coating and fortified with Vitamin A. Enjoy the ‘good nuggets’ at discounted prices of only P89 for the Chicken Nugget Crunchers Rice value meal with softdrink, and P99 for the Fries value meal with softdrink.These great deals are available only on weekdays until October 28, so make the most out of these ‘affordelicious’ treats and head to your favorite Jollibee store now.


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