If you’re planning a vacation, preparing the itinerary and budgeting time and money wisely are of utmost importance. Exploring the country and the region becomes easier and more frequent with Cebu Pacific Air (CEB), especially if you’re a smart and budget-conscious traveler.Long trusted by Filipino and international travelers as the airline with low fares and innovative services, Cebu Pacific has these tips and services frequent fliers on a budget will appreciate:Take advantage of discounts. Travelers should always be on the lookout for bargains. From CEB’s promos and seat sales to hotel vouchers for sale online, great deals can be had just by planning and knowing what you need to book in advance. Use rewards points, and student, group or senior citizen discounts whenever possible too.Use free travel apps. Free and practical apps can help you maximize your vacation days. Google Maps saves you time and money by providing quick information on routes and landmarks. Ordering food or asking directions in foreign countries is also easier with iTranslate, which provides translations for specific words and phrases in over 50 languages. Another app, AroundMe, conveniently pinpoints your location and the nearest gas station, bar, hospital, cinema, and other establishments.Maximize Foursquare. Foursquare app users can check exclusive discounts or offers, depending on their location. It’s useful in helping you make the right decisions by providing multiple money-saving options, as it features other users’ tips on the most affordable yet worthwhile establishments.Be a CEB member. CEB members are provided a time-saving option since they can view their flight history, booking updates and seat sale alerts. You can also check in for your flights from 4 to 48 hours before your flight to cut down on your queueing time at the airport. These services are available just by registering through www.cebupacificair.com.Travel light. Keep all personal items contained in a smaller, lighter bag. Plan wisely and bring only clothes that are necessary for the trip. Not only does traveling light keep your belongings organized, going to different places becomes much cheaper and more convenient. If shopping is in the itinerary, leave room for items that you’ll purchase during the trip. Buy prepaid baggage allowance from 15 to 30 kilos for more travel savings, if that is the case.Charge it with the Cebu Pacific Citibank Card. The Cebu Pacific Citibank Card has many exclusive and unique benefits for the budget-conscious traveler. There’s the free one-way ticket to almost any destination, the seat sale alerts, and the CEB points which can be converted to CEB vouchers. These vouchers can be used to book flights without restrictions on fares and destinations, and purchase prepaid baggage allowance. CEB points are easily earned from any purchase made using the Cebu Pacific Citibank card.Pay attention to currency. Watch the exchange rate in the country you’re visiting. Some exchange centers have less favorable rates than others, so don’t be too hasty to change money. Do an Internet search or ask your friends first where the best rates are offered. It might also be cheaper to book hotels using the local currency.Watch your meals. You can still be spontaneous with the dining options offered during your vacation, but it’s good to know where the affordable restaurant options are. If you’re staying at a hostel with a kitchen, you can cook your meals yourself using ingredients bought from nearby groceries and markets. Or take note of buffet restaurants so you can eat a heavy lunch. Instead of ordering food at the hotel, go out and find a café or diner serving similar items at less expensive prices.Fly with CEB. CEB offers the lowest fares in the 34 domestic and 16 international destinations it flies to. It’s entirely possible for the budget-conscious traveler to book flights in advance, and visit as many diverse and culturally enriching places as possible. Just remember the many helpful ways to keep these travels budget-friendly.


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