Introducing Avon Solutions Refined White AM Day Cream and PM Night Cream

The holidays are over! After the feast-and-fete season, most of us are most likely to start the year fully resolved to get back into shape and regain our state of fitness. On this score, we must not forget that our skin needs to get back into shape, too. All those late-night partying and holiday food would have taken its toll on our skin, making it look dull and sallow.

Face the new year with healthy, glowing white skin with Avon Solutions Refined White AM & PM skincare regimen. All-new Refined White boasts of a unique formula composed of the Healthy White Complex that includes an Avon-Exclusive whitening ingredient, vitamins to protect and nourish skin. It also has the Glowing White Complex which includes the Ulex Europea Extract to help skin retain more moisture so it glows from within and Silk Peptide to remove dull skin cells for whiter and smoother skin. 
Beautiful, smooth, glowing and healthy-looking skin is yours 24/7 with Solutions Refined White AM Day Cream and PM Night Cream. The AM Day Cream has the advanced UV defense technology which protects skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. The PM Night Cream repairs and nourishes at night by removing dullness and making the skin tone clearer and more even.

Go ahead and get back into shape as you make your skin look healthy, white and glowing with Avon Solutions Refined White AM and PM Creams. These breakthrough products are available starting January 16, 2010 through Avon Ladies nationwide. As a special introductory price from January 16 to 31 only, Avon Solutions Refined White AM Day Cream and PM Night Cream are available for only P299 each from its regular price of P450 each. Get great looking skin and great savings!

Don’t have an Avon Lady yet? Call Avon Customer Hotline 8642900 or visit for details on how to get in touch with an Avon Representative.

For a complete skincare makeover, try out the Solutions Refined White products like Foaming Cream Cleanser, Toner and Plus Spot Removing Essence. Check these out from the Avon January 16 Brochure.


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