With Christmas fast approaching, the cheesiest barkada moments are bound to happen. As groups of friends jump from one party to another, expect loads of cheesy happenings as best buddies catch up, new pals bond, or distant friends become close again—all part of the Christmas barkada traditions. Who can help it when there are sweet songs in the air, tinkling lights and festive food? Combined, all these provide the perfect backdrop for sharing the spirit of the season in unabashed, overflowing, and yes, very cheesy ways. Here are some cheesy Christmas rituals friends enjoy together:

The exchange gifts. The monito-monita is one barkada tradition that never goes out of style. Through this, friends get to express their cheesy side to one another as they hunt for something to buy or even create to give to dear pals without going over the prescribed budget. There’s also the ‘secret Santa’ where every member of the gang will outdo each other in being the sweetest and most caring ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ by giving their ‘baby’ a gift every week, complete with Hallmark-worthy gift notes.

The high school reunion. Need a reminder of how corny you were before? There’s the reunion where everyone brings out all the old photos and the old autograph books as well. Everyone gets a turn on the hot seat as the entries are perused to reveal past cheesy quotes, mottos and kilig moments. Fortunately, in the company of long-time friends and yummy food and drinks, the potentially embarrassing reminiscences always turn into a time full of good-natured hoots and peals of laughter.

The annual Christmas picture. Like many families, some barkadas even have their annual Christmas photo shoot. There are no holds barred here. All in the name of cheesy Christmas fun, some groups of friends will go all out for this yearly tradition. They will cook up a creative theme, prepare their costumes, even rent a studio AND a good photographer, and then come up with silly poses. Afterwards, multiple copies will be made and sent as Christmas cards to friends here and abroad.

One, big party. And then there’s the biggest cheese-fest of all—the barkada Christmas party. Whether it’s at the group’s favorite chill-out place, a new hot spot or somebody’s house, it brings out everyone’s utter cheesiness. Glittering party hats? Check. Gifts for everyone? Check. Corny sing-alongs? Check! This is one time in the year where even the biggest grudges are put aside, old loves are rekindled, and fierce declarations of friendship are made. This is also one time in the year when the enjoyment of scrumptious food goes full-throttle. For Filipinos especially, whose taste buds rejoice given intense flavors and rich textures, only the cheesiest will do.

To make the barkada’s Christmas events extra cheesy, treat the taste buds to Greenwich’s premium pizza and pasta offerings for the season.

The new Triple Ham and Cheese Overload is overflowing with 3 types of premium hams and cheeses–Chinese ham, pastrami ham and cooked ham ; quezo de bola, mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese. There’s also the new Meatball Spaghetti Supreme with parmesan cheese over big juicy Christmas meatballs in marinara sauce and served over al dente pasta. Greenwich also offers other pizza and pasta products that will surely add cheesy delight to the barkada’s Christmas gimmicks.

Turn every yuletide event into an extra delicious experience. Serve and share these Greenwich delights to your friends and have the cheesiest time of your lives!


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