Professionals can now enjoy the goodness of classic sandwiches with Mini Stops’ Superb Bite Sandwiches. The latest all-day delights from the nationwide chain boast of extra filling and flavorful combinations that will satisfy any appetite.

For many busy workers, nothing beats the delicious taste and convenience of their favorite sandwich combination. What more when it’s offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just a few steps away from the office.

The new sandwiches come in three enjoyable variants and at a price that’s made extra affordable.

The Superb Bite Ham and Egg Croissant lets you bite into the classic texture of croissant, with layers of juicy ham slices, scrambled egg, special dressing, and fresh lettuce in between.

Reinterpreting the traditional corned beef in pan de sal combination is the Superb Bite Corned Beef with Egg Sandwich with its addition of scrambled egg, special dressing, and fresh lettuce.

You can also taste another pan de sal special with the Superb Bite Bacon and Egg Sandwich. Enjoy the same delicious scrambled egg, special dressing, and fresh lettuce, but this time with slices of yummy bacon.

Looking for a superb yet affordable treat? Nothing makes a better reward for hard work than these tasty new treats from Ministop.

The Superb Bite Sandwiches are available for only P39 each in all Ministop stores within Metro Manila and nearby provinces in Luzon…


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