Ever wanted to raid a certified fashionista’s closet? Or have you ever wanted to strut the streets of Manila wearing a Hermes, Rhett Eala, Michi Calica, Religioso, Kate Torralba,Jun Escario, Chanel, or 7 for All Mankind?

You know you want to and in 14-days, these could all happen to you — if you win in NESTLE FITNESSE’s 14 Days to Show off Your Shape, that is.

Here, fashion and fitness come together to give style mavens a crack at their dream ensemble— handpicked by the country’s top fashion editors no less—while getting in tip-top shape. “This is the first of its kind in the country,” says Myra Garcia, Consumer Marketing Manager, Nestle Fitnesse. “After all, there’s no better motivation than walking the streets of Manila while looking fashionably fit.”

Editors Pick the Ultimate Wardrobe

“ For the prizes in NESTLE FITNESSE’s 14 Days to Show off Your Shape, we found out what some of the country’s most stylish people want to have in their closets,” shares Myra Garcia, Consumer Marketing Manager, Nestle Fitnesse. “And in doing so, we were able to shortlist what’s arguably the most coveted designer wardrobe to hit Manila.”
Donna Cuna Pita, for example, believes Chanel to be a true fashionista must-have saying that the iconic designer “blazed the trail for all female high-fashion designers.” On the local front, Kate Torralba and Rhett Eala emerged to be among the top favorites. “Her quirky dresses and colorful palettes make you feel like a Barbie doll. I can almost swear they come with invisible heels that make you feel like you’re 5’11,” quips Isabel Roces about designer Kate Torralba. On the other hand, Rissa Mananquil describes Rhett Eala as “fashion’s big innovator, thinker and provocateur.”
Jenni Epperson, Joyce Fernandez, Audrey Carpio, Bianca Consunji and Pauline Juan are the other top mavens that Nestle Fitnesse consulted in assembling the Ultimate Wardrobe.

14 Days to Fitness and Fashion

So what do you have to do to get a crack at Manila’s most coveted designer wardrobe?

Simply form a team of 2-8 members, and using Nestle Fitnesse’s 14-day meal plan, everyone in the team has to lose at least 2 pounds in 2 weeks. “No, 2 pounds is not that daunting, it only needs a few diet tweaks,” quips Myra Garcia. She explains that participants only need to replace breakfast and one of the main meals – either lunch or dinner–for 2 weeks. She adds that to exercise as well as eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and low-fat, carbohydrate rich foods is the best way to complement the 14-day regimen.

And as part of the challenge, participants also need to chronicle their 14-day regimen via an online “fitness diary” accessed at http://www.fitnesse-14days.com. The Top 10 most popular FITNESSE 14-day diaries will make it into finals.

The Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days to Show off Your Shape will kick off on November 14, Saturday, 9am at the Greenbelt Park in Makati, with the voting period lasting from November 15 to December 3, 2009. And as adjudged by Manila’s top style icons the winners will be announced on December 10, 2009 in a special fashion show.

“People who’ll join this challenge will have nothing to lose but pounds,” jests Myra Garcia. “Not only do they win the fashionista closet of their dreams, but they walk away with health tips, tweaks and tricks during their 14-day challenge and continue on living a healthier, fitter and a more runway-ready lifestyle.”

For more information about Nestle Fitnesse’s 14 Days to Show off Your Shape, please log on to www.fitnesse-14days.com.


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