When cooking is not possible, affordable ready-to-eat food which can be consumed immediately comes very handy. Your favorite local Pinoy dishes are now available in convenient, ready-to-eat canned pang-ulam. Pacific Meat Company, Inc., (PMCI), the maker of the number one corned beef, Argentina , introduces WOW Ulam, a ready-to-eat canned food that is perfect for the budget-conscious Filipinos.

WOW Ulam is made of flavorful chunks of sausage and luncheon meat in popular pinoy sauces. It comes in the following variants: Adobo, Asado, Afritada, Caldereta, Lechon Paksiw, Mechado and Bicol Express. Each variant is prepared using authentic Filipino ingredients, comparable to home-cooking.

“According to an AC Nielsen study conducted in 2008, two out of 5 Filipinos ranked rising prices as the number one issue affecting their lives. Through WOW Ulam, PMCI hopes to provide Filipinos with a delicious, ready-to-eat and affordable meal in can that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere,” says Dutch Rodolfo, Senior Product Manager.

WOW Ulam is affordably priced at P13.50. One can of 155g is enough to feed a family of four. It is available in supermarkets, groceries, sari-sari stores and public markets stalls nationwide.


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