Analog Soul comes out with new designs that envelope Filipinos’ most common form of expression – music.

Once again, it collaborated with young artists who shared their talent and expressed their insight on Rock and Roll through Analog Soul’s shirts. Designers Paolo Lim and Ronnie Amador return with their Another Dimension and Rockstar designs, respectively, while Vincent Pimentel comes out with his Past, Present, and Future design.

“We’ve witnessed how Filipinos have used music to express their views, and among its many forms, Rock and Roll is what we can say one of the most expressive forms of music,” Migs Naguiat, Analog Soul owner, expressed.

“As what we always say, Analog Soul allows its brand to be venue of artists to share their insights and ideas. And, with these new designs, we’re proud to be, once again, the venue that allowed these young artists to share their thoughts and insights on Rock and Roll,” Naguiat said.

Analog Soul is an apparel company that believes in Filipino artists and it believes that sensing one’s reality through the five senses is truly the way to live. Their shirts capture one’s expressions and emotions, which becomes the brand’s motivation to come up with creative, evocative, and eclectic designs.

These new Rock and Roll designs are available at the Boy’s Teen Section at the 3rd level of SM Megamall and all Analog Soul outlets in Metro Manila.


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