Johnson & Johnson recently launched Johnson’s Body Care, its first body care brand with a complete line of skin care products especially made for women. Addressing the universal desire of women for soft, beautiful skin, the Johnson’s Body Care product line boasts of a range of body lotions and washes with moisturizing properties and a slew of other additional benefits like 24-hour lasting moisture, aromatherapy and sun protection.

With Metro Manila’s top fashion and beauty icons, and media personalities in attendance, the Johnson’s Body Care Line was presented through a fashion show event. The runway showcased some of Manila’s young female designers namely: Debbie Co, Rosanna Ocampo, Mel Orlina, Choc and Yvette Religioso and Czarina Villa. Taking inspiration from women’s beautiful skin, each piece in the collection puts a spotlight on soft, moisturized skin, which can be achieved with the new Johnson’s Body Care products.

“Drawing from Johnson & Johnson’s brand heritage and trusted expertise, the Johnson’s Body Care brand now provides women with gentle yet effective skincare products that are especially formulated to maintain and enhance the softness of an adult woman’s skin,” explained Via Abaño, Johnson’s Body Care Senior Brand Manager.

The Johnson’s Body Care range of body lotions and washes comes in three variants: 24 Hour Lasting Moisture, Melt Away Stress, and Naturally White, providing women with options to cleanse and nourish their skin.

Recent studies reveal that the top skin problem faced by one out of every three women is dryness. Luckily, women now have a solution for dryness with the 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion and Wash. With moisture-rich ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil, these help make the skin incredibly soft, moisturized and touchable for up to 24 hours. Specifically made with the needs of women who are prone to daily stress, the Melt Away Stress Body Lotion and Wash variant is enriched with aromatic fragrances of chamomile, lavender and moonflower to help relax, relieve stress and tension at the end of the day and promote better rest at night. For the woman who is frequently exposed to the sun, the Naturally White Daily UV Body Lotion and Wash will help protect her naturally white skin with SPF 8 and other added ingredients such as vitamin C and milk extracts that help keep skin naturally light and nourished.

The Johnson’s Body Care Launch Fashion Show presented exquisite pieces that used soft, sheer fabrics in shades of white, blush and nude. The show likewise underscored the importance of possessing soft beautiful skin to complement one’s fashion choices, be it casual, chic and trendy, or formal.

“The gentleness, softness, freshness and smoothness of skin inspired me to design these dresses,” explained Debbie Co, one of the designers featured during the show. “Cut-outs of delicate, soft, and sheer fabrics were used to showcase a woman’s skin. With these pieces being light and fluid, the nude colors make them beautifully soft and flattering.”

Free consultations with beauty and fashion experts like Donna Cuna-Pita were also offered throughout the evening. An innovative Soft Skin Lotion Bar, similar to an ice cream kiosk, allowed guests to experience first hand the benefits of Johnson’s Body Care lotions.

“Johnson’s Body Care makes women look and feel good about themselves, as the products help women possess soft, beautiful skin,” added Abaño. “Armed with soft skin that she can flaunt, a woman can express herself through her fashion choices and can be confident that she has nothing to hide.”

Johnson’s Body Care lotions and washes are available at all leading beauty and personal care stores, department stores and supermarkets nationwide.


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