Big & Small Company, the company of leading children’s clothes brands Big&Small, Spin and Orange Juice recently celebrated it’s partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) to support its programs on climate change, environmental protection and wildlife conservation.

Big&Small Company’s wide range of clientele – specifically young, hip moms who are instrumental in molding succeeding generations, the partnership aims to advance climate change awareness through a line of green-themed T-shirts. The T-shirts will impart strong messages about the environment and sensible tips on reducing individual carbon footprints. When enough people heed the tips, the debilitating effects of climate change can be mitigated.

To celebrate its partnership with the WWF, the Big&Small Company, through its carrier brands Big&Small, Spin, Orange Juice and H.A.B, recently showcased its WWF T-shirt collection through a kids fashion show. The event featured kids parading in WWF T-shirt designs that aims to encourage others in doing their share to protect our planet.

In helping save the world through its small, concerted efforts, the Big&Small Company genuinely shows that no small effort will go unnoticed when you dream big for future


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